Category: New Orleans movie locations

Category: New Orleans movie locations

Location is everything, but not always easy to find when there is so many endless possibilities scattered about the city. Choosing the perfect location to shoot your movie can be a complex process and takes a good deal of both time and patience to conquer. It is a major decision and one of great importance, however. Luckily, some of the headaches associated with choosing the best New Orleans movie locations is gone when the tips below are kept in mind during your selection process.

·    Have you considered shooting a movie using a digital location? Some movies have been shot using digital locations only and if you’re on a limited budget or time, this might be an option worth considering.

·    Contact the film commission in New Orleans to attain the proper permits required to shoot at a particular location.

New Orleans movie locations

·    Have your camera ready to snap photos! You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to explore the area and landmarks, as well as take as many photos as you can.

·    What locations are other people recommending? It is always helpful to learn what other people think, especially when a major decision like movie location is up in the air.

·    The genre of the movie is also a big part of the right location. Always choose a location that is suitable for the storyline, otherwise it is not going to be believable.

·    A location scout can help you choose the best location for your movie. There is a small fee involved in hiring this expert.

·    When choosing a location, make sure that it is nearby the locations that you need, consider parking options, whether or not there is electricity, and if there is room to setup equipment.

Be sure you choose the right location to shoot your movie and put these details to good use.